Бездепозитный бонус с выводом денег покер старс где Бездепозитный бонус с выводом денег покер старс где

Tohatsu 6 HP Fourstroke Review , New Model - WET BRISTOL MARINE Бездепозитный бонус с выводом денег покер старс где

We have had a lot of people view our review of the Tohatsu 9. The motor is also only available in Long shaft and features a high Thrust Propeller to help push larger loads along for example sailing все слоты на деньги 4 буквы and displacement hull boats.

Firstly on inspection of the motor the new cowling looks a lot more modern than the previous model and the colour is slightly more navy than it was before. The paint colour probably has something to do with Tohatsu making and selling the smaller Fourstroke outboards to BRP or Bombardier who now market the Tohatsu as the Evinrude brand.

The decals also now feature a new metallic Tohatsu Logo which looks really good but the quality of the printed decal is a bit suspect and the decals are peeling after only a few months out on the water.

The engines electrics now have some sheathing over the top to keep the electronics together which looks much better than previous models. The Tiller arm has been replaced by a new longer tiller that is pretty much the same as the old model but a bit chunkier. The new gear shift has been moved from the side of the motor to the front of the motor and to be honest im not sure why бездепозитный бонус с выводом денег покер старс где has been done.

The mechanism that operates the shift looks to have been thrown together with about 5 minutes planning. Im sure that Tohatsu had a reason for this but i can already see that the massive hole in the cowling where the shift used to be on the older models is left open and leaves a large place for the inside of the motor to get water inside.

Im not saying that it is worse but perhaps a cover or some kind of new lower engine tray could have been devised to over come this issue. In my opinion they should of left this as it used to be. The powerheads paint finish is also pretty bad we had to remove the valve cover to check the valve clearance for its first бездепозитный бонус с выводом денег покер старс где service and unfortunately most of the paint on the valve cover and the bolts came off by itself.

Overall I think that the engine should really have been left as it was and perhaps the new shift was a move in the wong direction. I am sure that for people using the motor it will prove alot easier to use but i think a bit more development is needed on this. For example The Yamaha forward shift on there tilller motors is very well executed and look as if it was designed and not put on as an after thought.

Perhaps this update had been put on the motors because бездепозитный бонус с выводом денег покер старс где Bombardiers input as the older Johnson http://originalneowholesale.info/vabank-kazino-na-realnie-dengi-bez-hozyaina.php Evinrude motors have had forward shift for years before this engine even came on to the drawing board.

The engine its self runs smoothly and although not silent it runs fairly quiet. We shall wait and see!! Please feel free to comment on this post pehaps you have had a good or bad experience with your new Tohatsu motor it would be great to hear from other users how they are finding the new updates.

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